The Devil Wears Eyeshadow

"Just because" flowers are my favorite!! #happywife


Bridal Bliss: Sadiqa and Ibram

Photo Credit: Signature Weddings

I am at a loss for words, this is too beautiful for words…WOW

Via live . laugh . love . locs

Back to black! #locs #dreads

Lol This is me every day. :)

This week’s #mani. #ChinaGlaze “Dress Me Up with #Spoiled “Shaken Snow Globe” on top #nailpolish

I used to be at the party till it ended, now I’m home by 1! Lol #locs #dreads

Party people!!

My dog comes in the house, tracks loose grass all over the floor, then leans on my leg like I’m his personal armchair. And if I move he gets an attitude and sits under the table lol

Photo bombed by a lizard. Smh I’m feeling this side pony though. #locs #dreads

Up drinking like I don’t have to work tomorrow. Oh well. #keepthepartygoing

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