The Devil Wears Eyeshadow

#Birthday pic by Joaquin.

Thank you everyone for the #Birthday love!! #LeoSeason

Sunday afternoon #sewing! #diy #meeshataughtme

Yes!! #verbalseasoning

Me and my guy!!

It’s been a good day. #locs #dreads

indigenousgay said: Hello. Im one month into my braidloc journey and I wanted to ask you a few questions because I see you're well off into your journey. How often did you Palm roll your locs? What techniques did you use to maintain your locs? Thank you.

When I first started I was interlocking every 6 weeks.  Did that for about a year I guess.  Now I interlock every 6 months and palm roll if I have somewhere to go.  I usually just let them grow. I’ve figured out a bunch of styles now that hide the roots if I need to. 

Trying to decide if I like this #lipstick or nah… Thought it would be redder but it’s more berry toned. Hmm…

Red lips, #locs, and sunshine! I’m feelin’ it!! #dreads

"Just because" flowers are my favorite!! #happywife

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